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A central marketing and communication platform for all your WhatsApp business needs. Drive sales, support, and marketing from a single WhatsApp number. That’s the magic of Click2Api!

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Connect Your Target Audience, Drive Sales with WhatsApp Marketing

Click2Api, the fastest-growing WhatsApp marketing platform built on WhatsApp APIs will help you take your marketing, advertising, and promotion efforts to the next level. Engage your customers through highly personalized and direct communication.

  • Announce new product launches
  • Offer Promotions and discounts
  • Send Order tracking and delivery updates

Unlock the Power of WhatsApp Automation

Create pre-written responses, automatically answer frequently asked questions or common issues, and send out-of-office notifications using massive Whatsapp automation capabilities on Click2Api. Efficiently manage customer interactions at scale, save time, and reduce the agent workload.

  • Custom Auto Replies
  • Welcome Messages
  • Out-of-office Notification
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Automate your Chats with Customers using WhatsApp Chatbots

Automate your Business processes, likes Sales, e-Commerce & Customer Support using our Drag and Drop WhatsApp ChatBot Builder

  • Effective & Responsive Customer Support
  • Reduced Business’s Operational Costs
  • 24*7 Service Availability for Customers